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Where it all started......

This morning, whilst working on something else, I had cause to pull out this Census image. It was this very image that made me really pursue my interest in my maternal family history. 

Image courtesy of Ancestry - RG11/780/6 Puttenham Surrey
When I started researching in the late 1980's the latest Census for the United Kingdom was the one from 1881. 

This particular record shows the family of my Great Grandmother as a little girl, aged just one. That very same Great Grandmother who cuddled up to me as an elderly lady. Smelling of talcum powder and lavender. Who had the firmest, yet gentlest cuddle of all. She would wrap me in her arms and tickle me and I would wriggle with excitement. I can almost feel that cuddle as I write this and all of a sudden I miss this elderly lady, who loved her family passionately and yet despite her frailness, always gave me one of those lovely safe and reassuring cuddles.

Annie Prudence Butcher nee Harris
1879 - 1972

Friday, 20 September 2013

Puttenham Street - 1914

This is a recent addition to the study and given to me as a present.

This is an original print from "A Pilgrimage in Surrey", by James S. Ogilvy; Published by George Routledge & Sons, London in 1914

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Puttenham in Early April - 1993

This is a photograph of a water colour that I own. Painted by Jean M Blair in 1993

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wanborough Church circa 1940

A special church, as my Grandfather and his siblings were Christened here during the 1900 - 1917 period.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Elstead and it's Church by Rev Charles Kerry

This booklet was written by Charles Kerry Curate of Puttenham in 1879.

It was produced as a paper, just 11 pages long and read to the Surrey Archaeological Society.

The first and large pages have some handwriting by Kerry himself.

You can read a PDF of this copy of the paper HERE

Friday, 5 April 2013

Perambulation of Puttenham Parish 1824

Copy of a memorandum deposited in the Parish chest with the Churchwarden accounts.

After public notice having been given in this and the adjoining parishes the bounds of the aforesaid

Parish were walked on the 9th day of April 1824.

  • LONG, Henry Esq
  • AVENELL, William
  • AVENELL, John
  • AVENELL, Richard
  • BUDD, Richard
  • BURCHETT, Thom
  • BURCHETT, Richard
  • BURTON, James
  • CAESAR, Sten, Junr
  • CHALCRAFT, Richard
  • CROUCH, Will
  • ELLIS, George, Srn
  • ELLIS, George, Junr
  • ELLIS, James
  • ELLIS, Fred
  • ELLIS, Wm
  • EADE, James
  • FLUDDER, Richard, Srn
  • FLUDDER, Richard, Junr
  • HASLET, Danl
  • HOLLOWAY, Edward
  • HALE, James
  • KERRY, John
  • KEEN, John
  • MULLARD, John
  • NORVAL, Elij
  • NEALE, Wm
  • SMITH, James
  • SIMMODS, Danl
  • SAUNDERS, Thomas
  • SAUNDERS, Fred
  • SAUNDERS, Robt
  • SMITH, George, Junr
  • SIMMONDS, John
  • SOUTH, James
  • TILBY, Henry
  • WINTER, Wm, Srn
  • WELLS, Thos
  • WOODHAM, Peter
“Fresh ones at Pond Head”
  • BUDD, Richard, Srn
  • BUDD, George
  • BENNETT, Thomas
  • HARDING, Sam
  • HALE, George
  • KEEN, John, Srn
“Fresh ones at Gatwicke”
  • CAESAR, Stephen, Srn
  • KEEN, Wm
  • KEEN, Jas
  • ROKER, John, Srn
  • ROKER, John, Junr
  • ROKER, Mitchell
  • ROKER, George
Sourced from Charles Kerry Manuscripts Volume 4.

Transcribed as it appears in Charles Kerry’s Manuscript and using his abbreviations.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Work of Parish Constable 1828 - 1857

  • 1821 George PENFOLD as Constable – an account for his years work.
  • 1821 Edward HOLLOWAY “to taking an account of the population of Puttenham.
  • 1822 Rate Demand.
  • 1828 Rate Demand.
  • 1828 Mr MAY account to Mr James SMITH
  • 1829 Hannah WOODS of Wigan, late of Puttenham & Peter ROE, Spinner of Wigan. 
    • Order for the Puttenham Constable to apprehend.
  • 1829 Mr SIMMONDS – Guardiant (sic) to James SMITH Overseer. 
    • Various Poor Law Accounts.
  • 1829 James SMITH – His account of his years work as constable
    • G. PENFOLD – Carpentry repairs in church (should be with churchwarden accounts).
  • 1829 – 1858 Rate Demands & Payments.
  • 1834 Rate Demand
  • 1838 Notice about County Police Rate.
  • 1852 William SIZENOR – Bill for his sustenance while in Custody. 
    • Committal fee for above.
  • 1853 Two papers relating to committal of William TAYLOR while in Prison.
  • 1856 Account for various clerical & sundry work.
  • 1857 Alfred LINGPERSON – Account for his sustenance while in custody. 
    • Income tax receipt for overseers.
Sourced from material that is now located at the Surrey History Centre at Woking, Surrey.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Puttenham Poor Law Papers ~ Bastardy Papers 1822 – 1839

  • 1822 Sussanah CHESTER of Puttenham & Henry NICHOLLS, Yeoman of Buckworth Huntingdon
  • 1823 Harriett BUDD of Puttenham & Daniel DOLLY of Ash
  • 1827 Charlotte BUDD of Puttenham & Stephen HALL of Farnham
  • 1827 Harriet BUDD of Puttenham & Samuel HARDING of Puttenham
  • 1828 Prudience CROUCH of Puttenham & Richard PINK, Bricklayer of Puttenham
  • 1839 Sarah BUDD of Puttenham & Henry NICHOLLS of Aldershot
Sourced from material that is now located at the Surrey History Centre at Woking, Surrey.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Puttenham Poor Law Papers ~ Settlement/ Removal Orders 1725 – 1840

  • 1725 Settlement certificate parish of Godalming to Robert ROWLS & Mary formerly of Puttenham.
  • 1772 Settlement certificate parish of Godalming for John and Elizabeth BUDD and daughter age 2 (Envelope in the hands of Charles Kerry about 1872 explaining above)
  • 1791 Removal Order for William LEGG and Ann his wife & their four children from Puttenham to their parish of settlement – Elstead.
  • 1791 Removal Order for Mary COOPER aged 7 of Puttenham from Compton where she had been a Charge on the parish.
  • 1822 Removal Order for Catherine BAKER & her two children from Puttenham to her parish of Settlement – East Stonehouse, Devon.
  • 1826 Removal Order for Charlotte ROGERS from Puttenham to her parish of settlement - Camberley
  • 1828 Removal Order for George HARDING from Puttenham to his parish of settlement – Guildford.
  • 1828 Removal Order of James ELLIS, Sarah his wife and their six children from Nafferton, Yorkshire To their parish of settlement – Puttenham.
  • 1829 Removal Order for Hannah WOODS from Wigan to Puttenham.
  • 1831 Removal Order for Charles BALCHIN from Puttenham to his parish of settlement – St Nicholas Guildford.
  • 183? Removal Order for William WATLAND and Jane his wife from Stoke Dabernon to Puttenham.
  • 1833 Removal Order for George LOVELOCK and Hannah his wife from Puttenham to their parish of Settlement – Degmersfield.
  • 1833 Removal Order for Charlotte ROGERS from Puttenham to St Lukes Middlesex
  • 1833 Removal Order for William and Sarah WOODYER and their two children from the Hamlet of Hammersmith To their parish of settlement – Puttenham.
  • 1833 Letter from the Overseer of Hammersmith Hamlet reporting the illness of William WOODYER and his wife.
  • 1835 Removal Order of Mary BUDD from Puttenham to her parish of settlement – Seale & Tongham
  • 1840 Removal Order for James COOMBES and his wife from Puttenham to his parish of settlement – Headley
Sourced from material that is now located at the Surrey History Centre at Woking, Surrey.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Puttenham Church Wardens from 1718 – 1762

  • 1718 William TICE
  •  1721 Abraham TOFT
  •  1723 John MERSH
  •  1724 John SMITH
  • 1725 Arthur KILSEY
  • 1727 John LOVE
  • 1734 Richard SMITH
  • 1730 John MARTIN
  •  1735 Ralph TOFT
  • 1737 Ralph TOFT
  • 1738 Ralph TOFT
  • 1739 Ralph TOFT
  • 1740 Ralph TOFT
  •  1741 William CHRISTMAS
  • 1743 John JENNANCE
    •  Edward KEENE
    • John GENINS
    • Jno WILLIS ~ Overseer
    • Thomas HACKMAN ~ Overseer
    • William TICE
    • John MERSH
    • William SNELLING
    • Edward DUDMAN
    • Nicholas HEAVENING
  • 1743 William FORY
  • 1758 William TICE
  • 1760 William SEARLE
  • 1762 Thomas EDWARDS
Sourced  & Transcribed from Charles Kerry Manuscripts Volume 10

Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday, 4 March 2013

Synopisis of the Will of Admiral Samuel Cornish

Abstract of the Title of Edward John Morant Gale and Charles Townsend Murdoch, Esqs., to property in Sharnbrook, Riseley and Bletsoe forming Lot 3 at Auction of 4th July 1876 (for Sale Catalogue see X 65/38, dated 6th not 4th July).

a) All property except 3 Acres 11 Poles, no. 56 on sale plan

i) Will of Admiral Samuel Cornish of Puttenham, Surrey life interest under will of uncle Sir Samuel Cornish in property in Sharnbrook, Wootton Hoo and Marston Moretaine. Failure of issue of uncle and his sister Margaret King, to trustees Admiral Cornish, Thos. Parry and James King for sale, money to be divided among children of Mary Gambier (all dead) reverts therefore to Admiral Cornish as heir at law deemed real estate and therefore should not be sold under terms of uncle's will left to Admiral Cornish's wife Mary for life. Reversion to Right Honourable James Lord Gambier for life. Reversion after deaths of Mary King, Mary Cornish and James Gambier to eldest son of late brother in law Samuel Gambier deceased appoints wife, James Lord Gambier, James Simpkinson and Richard Warrington executors of will. made 21 February 1816

ii)Statutory Declaration by Richard Sumner of Puttenham Priory near Guildford, Surrey
uncle Admiral Sir Samuel (nee Pitchford) died 3 April 1816 great uncle Sir Samuel Cornish, Admiral of the Blue died 1770, will made 8 September 1769 only son, died widower, childless.
Gets Act of Parliament to become Cornish; uncle son of great uncle's sister and Mr. Pitchford - sole heir at law uncle childless, Mary died 20 February 1825 and sister Margaret Pitchford - married Mr. King, died September 1836 childless Rev. Charles Samuel Gambier late of Eccleston Sq. died August 1843 (Charles Samuel was eldest son of Samuel Gambier, bother in law of uncle (see will above) 7 June 1855.

iii)Will of Charles Samuel Gambier, then late of Harley Street but then of Eccleston Square, Middlesex left to his brother Robert all real estate in Bedfordshire and elsewhere will made 26 July 1848 proved P.C.C. 12 October 1848.

iv)Conveyance of legal estate
1) Richard Sumner of Puttenham Bury near Guildford, Surrey Esquire (Trustee under will of S. Cornish) 2)Robert Gambier of Albany Terrace, Regents Park, retired rear Admiral of Royal Navy
3) Germain Lavie of Fredericks Place, City of London Esq (trustee for contingent remainders) recites will of Sir Samuel Cornish Bart (died 1770) left to his mother in law Mary Gambier for life, then to Samuel Pitchford (late Cornish) then to Thomas Parry and James King as Trustees for Contingent Remainders to use of sons of Pitchford, reversion to daughters as tenants in common in entail general. Ultimate power of estate and money to be distributed between Gambier children (see i) above): estate bought of Philip Boteler will proved P.C.C] 7 November 1770 recites Pitchford enters estate and gets Act of Parliament to change his name [11 Geo III] recites residual personal estate used for purchase from Nathaniel Mason of two closes formerly one called Keeley or Wood Closes (28 Acres) at Keeley End, Wootton AND cottage and cowhouse standing on one of them for £1265 - entailed as above recites deaths of Samuel and Mary Cornish and Samuel Lord Gambier (26 April 1833) Margaret King (nee Pitchford) (September 1836) Charles Samuel Gambier entitled to estate subject to power of sale recites death of C.S. Gambier (27 August 1848)

Thomas Parry (9 April 1816), James King (March 1822 intestate)
King's estates vested in him as Trustees passed to Reverend James Simpkinson and afterwards James King, nephew and heir at law recites will of James Simpkinson (afterwards James continued King) then of Grove House, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, afterwards of Stanton Park, Stanton upon Arrow, Herefordshire left to Richard Sumner AND John Fletcher and Edward Evans estates vested in him by trust made 11 December 1822 recites Codicil appointing John Dimsdale trustee proved 22 September 1832 recites deaths of James Simpinson (later King) (13 July 1842), John Fletcher (December 1833) E. Evans (September 1852, John Dimsdale (February 1851) so trust estates go to Sumner alone recites late Conveyance
1) Robert Gambier (vendor) St. Andrew Beauchamp, Lord St.John 3 pieces of land (1 Rood 31 Perches) (1 Rood 22 Perches) & (2 Roods, 24 Perches) Bone End Field, Bletsoe AND piece of land called Butler's Bletsoe also sold to Midland Railway Company land in Souldrop and Sharnbrook recites Gambier requesting Sumner for conveyance to him of legal estate in property subject to wills of Sir S. Cornish
all property under will of Sir S. Cornish to be held by Robert Gambier for ever, held in trust by German Lavie for him declaration barring dower. 22 October 1856
b) 3 Acres 2 Roods 11 Poles, No. 56 on sale plan
1) Conveyance
1) Right Honourable St. Andrew Beauchamp St. John, Lord St. John (vendor)
2) Robert Gambier (purchaser)
3) Germain Lavie (trustee)
2 pieces of land (3 Acres 3 Roods 11 Poles) part of 2 fields called the Lays, Bletsoe
abs. N., N.W., N.E. & S.W. by lands of 2)
S. & S.E. by rest of the Lays owned by 1)
(marked on plan in original deed)
liability of 1) to maintain fence between the 2 properties)
Consideration £145 paid by 2) to 1) 11 April 1850
c) all the property
1)Mortgage in £834 15s. 0d. and interest
i) Robert Gambier of Gordon Square, Middlesex, Retired Admiral (mortgagor)
2) Edward George Hore, Commander in Royal Navy and Edward John Morant Gale of 2 Sheffield Gardens, Kensington and Frederick Morant Gale of Upham, Hants. Esq. (mortgagees)
freehold property in Sharnbrook, cottages and buildings belonging to 1) in Sharnbrook, Souldrop, Bletsoe and Riseley list on schedule on pages 9 and 10 listed alphabetically by occupant and description of property and extent (for detailed analysis of each field see PC Sharnbrook 9/10 & 11) 30 October 1861
ii) Further Charge in £920 13s. 6d.
1) Robert Gambier
2) Mortgagees in i) above
property except 3 pieces of land covered by deed 1) R. Gambier, 2) Wm. Thos. Denby, 21 September 1871
iii)Deed of Family Settlement
1) R. Gambier (settlor)
2) Edw. John M. Gale of 69 Dyke Road, Brighton Charles Townsend Murdoch, of 1 Pall Mall East, Middlesex, Banker (Trustees for daughters of 1)
3) Reverend Charles Gore Gambier of Sherborne, Dorset. Clerk (only son of 1)
4) Thomas Wm. Denby (Trustee) ref to mortgages above recites Marriage Settlement
1) Chas. G.G. Gambier (marrying party)
2) Elizabeth Oakley Reid (marrying party)
3) R. Gambier
4) Wm. Reid Esq., Colonel in HM's Army
5) Reverend Henry John Bolland, Clerk (since deceased) Edw. George Hore, E-J.M. Gale, F.M. Gale (Trustees) within 2 calendar months after 3)'s death (interest at % till done)
3) covenants to pay 1) £300 p.a. for life. On his death to 2), then to 5) on behalf of their children. 9 January 1849 refers to negotiations with Sharnbrook School Board for purchase of House, School, playground and garden (see CCE/SB 35) and land adjoining recites Robert Gambier of advanced age, intended to make a family settlement - annuities for daughters all property lying in Sharnbrook etc. property not described not part of this Abstract freehold in Great Britain and Ireland held by 4) as trustee to:
2) to receive £300 p.a. rent charge (under Marriage Settlement of 1849)
AND to receive further £800 p.a.
property to be held to use of 3) during lifetime of 1) remainder to 2) for 500 years from death of 1) for 3 daughters of 1) Rose Jannetta Jemima £200;
Adeline Jane Pitt Gambier £200 and Georgiana Mary Player Bousfield £100
Remainder to use of 3) his heirs and assigns for ever
Trustees to raise £6000 (under deed of 6 January 1849) power of trustee to exchange/convey above property without need of applying to Chancery
power of 3) to appoint trustees
22 September 1871
v) deaths of E.G. Hore (22 September 1871) and Robert Gambier (20 January 1872)
vi)Declaration of Trust
1) Edward John Morant Gale and Charles Townsend Murdoch
2) Charles Gore Gambier
3) E.J.M. Gale and Frederick M. Gale of Langharne, Carmarthenshire, Esq.
Barclay Field of Hill Street, Berkeley Square, Middlesex Esq.
Charles Calmady Dent of Holyhead, Isle of Anglesey, Captain
recites £6000 not yet raised but interest paid
2) to hold property for sole use of 3) and no other purpose 1873
vii)Transfer of Mortgage
1) E. Jn. M. Gale and F.M. Gale (old mortgagees)
2) Barclay Field and Chas. Calmady Dent (trustees for 3)
3) E.J.M. Gale, F.M. Gale, B. Field and C.C. Dent
(new mortgagees)
principal sums of £834 15s. and £920 13s.6d. still unpaid but interest paid
all properties covered by deeds of 30 October 1861and 21 September 1871 except 3 pieces of land granted 21 February 1870 and except piece of land in Sharnbrook with school, house, and Master's House and offices and buildings built on it AND piece of land adj. (1 Acre) conveyed by deed of 1873 to School Board of Sharnbrook to be held by 2) to use of 3) subject to equities of redemption 20 October 1873 made by Lucas and Son of 50 Fenchurch Street EC 1876

The location of the documents - Bedfordshire and Luton Archives and Record Service
Reference - Z 831/1

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Kerry Manuscripts Volume 4 page 3

  • John FOREY* of Thursley = Sarah MARDEN of Thursley, of the same stock as the Marden’s of Pond House
    • Dianna FORY of Thursley = William MITCHELL of Godalming - Died in America
      • George MITCHELL = Charlotte RADFORD, Of Puttenham Born blind 1800 Schoolmistress of Puttenham 1870

*This John Forey of Thursley was a great cricketer, as well as a blacksmith. Lord King was his Patron and frequently took him to the most celebrated matches in his time in England. In those days only two stumps were used and Joshua Forey is said to have been the cleverest back stump or slumper of his day. A Cousin of the same name worked with him in the smith’s shop at Thursley. This man was a very noted runner. A second ---- who could perform ten miles in their hour very easily. So anxious was he to excel in this athletic exercise that in order to keep himself in proper condition he is reported to have taken vinegar every morning as an antidote to {corpuleney.} He was also very musical and one day set off to Portsmouth with his violin and was never see nor heard of again . S Winter says he pot so nice they could not see time. A John Forey and Thomas Forey were living in Thursley in 1729”

Saturday, 2 March 2013

War Grave - Harry Trimming

Name: Harry Trimming
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Private
Regiment/Service: Royal Army Service Corps
Unit Text: M.T.
Age: 42
Date of Death: 10/01/1919
Service No: M2/045734
Additional information: Son of Harry Trimming, of Alton, Hants; husband of Isabella Trimming, of Meadow Cottage, Suffield Lane, Puttenham, Guildford.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: Near East boundary.
Memorial Location: St Laurence Churchyard, Seale

Friday, 1 March 2013

Wanborough War Memorial

Situated just inside the Church

1914 – 1919
BICKNELL, Frank            The Queens Regiment
CHENNELL, Bertie          Royal Fusiliers
CHENNELL, Ernest          H M Aboukir
HARDING, Henry J        The Queens Regiment
HATCH, Owen W             Royal Fusiliers
HAWKES, John E            Hampshire Regiment
HEDGER, William J         Royal Fusiliers
NORMAN, Frederick E    The Buffs
REVELL, David                The Queens Regiment
SAUNDERS, Arthur        H M S Hampshire
SAUNDERS, William       H M S Formidable

1939 – 1945
CHENNELL, W B       R. N. S. S. Belcrest
PERKINS, A C           R. A. S. C. 

Village Clocks

Village Clock Pg 1 Vol 4
Village Clock Pg 2 Vol 4

From Kerry Manuscripts - Volume 4

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Stephen Keen (1759 - 1830)

This delightful fellow is a portrait of Stephen Keen born in Puttenham in 1759. Stephen Keen later moved to Lambeth and became a maltster. The portrait is dated from 1827 and is in ownership of Kevin Standage who very kindly submitted it to the Puttenham study.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Marriage Bond & Allegation - John Benham & Elizabeth Budd 15th Sept 1770

Elizabeth Budd Spinster, Wanborough, parish of Saint John, Puttenham , married John Benham
Marriage bond and allegation Diocese of Winchester, Archdeaconry of Surrey

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Springfield Manor, Puttenham

Copyright Ray George 2007

"While travelling along the Hog’s Back towards Farnham, just past the exit to Puttenham, you will see a sign announcing "Springfield Manor Nursing Home". This property enjoys a splendid view of Puttenham below and across the North Downs. It must have been built for some wealthy person in the days before the Town and Country Planning Act, which would have prevented such a development. Less than a hundred years ago, there was only a field. This field was one of the pieces of land acquired by Thomas Parker who bought the manors of Puttenham Priory and Puttenham Bury in 1761. It was then called Great Bury Down. At the time of the production of the Tithe Map, when it is called Great Bevil Down, it was owned by the major landowner of Puttenham, Richard Sumner who however was not the owner of the manors. The field, which was arable and had an area of about 9 ½ acres, was rented to William and James Avenell. After the Sumner family, the land was acquired by Frederic Ferdinand Smallpiece, a Guildford solicitor. In 1923 he sold it to James Hodgson.

James Hodgson presumably purchased the land with a view to its development, for on 6th September 1929 there appeared in The Times, the following advertisement including a photograph of the building :"Hog’s Back. Magnificent Position, Brightlands, Puttenham, Nearly 600 feet above sea level, facing south. Entrance Hall, panelled lounge dining and drawing rooms, six bed and dressing rooms, two bath rooms, labour saving offices. Electric lighting. Company’s water. Modern drainage. Excellent cottage. Garage for three cars. Stabling. Garden and grounds. With ample scope for attractive treatment, having warm Southern slope and including fine kitchen garden of over an Acre. Small orchard. Herbaceous border and beds, and grassland. All in about 9½ Acres. For sale privately or by auction on September 17th next, at London Auction Mart, EC4." As no mention is made of the open-air swimming pool, this must be a later addition. From the Court Circular of The Times on 23rd December 1930, we learn that "Mr and Mrs F.W.-Hutton-Stott have left 52 Queen’s Gate Terrace SW for Martin Place, Puttenham, near Guildford (telephone Puttenham 59) which will be their permanent home for some time." The new name "Martin Place" is probably derived from that of the world famous street in Sydney, New South Wales. The Wilson-Hutton-Stotts conducted their social life using the Court Circular of The Times. On 7th January 1938, there appeared the announcement, "Mrs F.W.Hutton-Stott, Martin Place, Puttenham very much regrets having to postpone her party for Jan 8, on account of sudden illness." By 1945 they had moved away and the estate was sold to Blanche Eames in 1947. During the mid 1980s the property underwent its second change of name to Springfield Manor and by 1990 it had become Springfield Manor Nursing Home.

When Brightlands was built, the good communication link afforded by the main road along the Hog's Back between Farnham and Guildford must have been a selling point. The build-up of traffic over the years has turned this into a nightmare. After the dual carriageway was constructed in about 1970, only an exit towards Farnham was possible. To alleviate the problem, a new driveway was constructed at this time to join Martin Place with School Lane which leads into Puttenham Village.

The cottage mentioned in the for-sale advertisement may have been provided for the chauffeur. A Times advertisement on 6th April 1932 seeks "Chauffeur-Mechanic, experienced, also electrical plant. Full particulars, letters only, no original testimonials. Wilson Hutton, Martin Place, Puttenham, Surrey." Blanche Eames divided the cottage in two and sold the eastern half, now known as Martin’s Wick in 1966. The western half, now called West Lodge, was sold in 1973 by the next owner of Martin Place, Michael Pendleton. He built another residence between West Lodge and Martin Place, which he called Jefferson House and sold it in 1975.

Since the house has become a nursing home, a single-story extension has been built for additional residents' bedrooms and a new lounge bows out on the south elevation."

Article written & provided to the Puttenham One Place Study by Ray George
28 May 2007

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Puttenham Parish Records

I have today loaded hopefully successfully the following files in Excel:

  • Baptisms & Births
  • Banns & Marriages
  • Dealths and Burials
The files are located HERE

If anyone has an problems opening the files please let me know.

Puttenham Post Office 1904

Monday, 11 February 2013

Manor Farm, Wanborough Circa 1915

This is the Manor Farm at Wanborough that my Grandfather would have known. The Butcher family farmed here until 1930 when the moved across to Guildford to farm at Manor Farm Onslow Village.

Charles Kerry (1833 - 1908)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Suffield Lane, Puttenham

Puttenham Village

Puttenham Village circa 1905

Suffield Lane, Puttenham Circa 1931

Oliver Hill, Puttenham Circa 1932

Good Intent Puttenham Circa 1905

Puttenham Church Interior

Charles Kerry 1833-1908

Charles Kerry was Curate of St John The Baptist, Puttenham from 1868 - 1877.

  • Baptised 23rd October 1833 at Smalley, Derbyshire, the son of Samuel and Elizabeth Kerry of Old Green Farm
  • 1862 - 1864 Attended St. Bees College
  • Ordained Deacon 31st July 1864 at York
  • Ordained Priest 11th June 1865 at York
  • 31st July 1864 - 1866 Assistant at All Saints, North Street, York
  • 1865 Deputy Vicar Choral Yorkminster
  • 1866 - 1868 Curate at Topcliffe - (All the records for Topcliffe have been deposited in the Riding County Records Office)
  • 1868 - 1877 Curate at Puttenham Surrey
  • Publication 1872 Author of "A History of Waverley Abbey"
  • Publication 1878 Author of "Elstead and its Church"
  • 1877 - 1880 Vicar at Matfen, Northumberland
  • 1880 - 1883 Curate at St. Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire
  • Publication 1883 Author of "A History of the Municipal Church at St Lawrence, Reading"
  • 1883 - 1890 Curate at Stone Broom Derbyshire
  • 1890 - 1900 Rector Upper Standon, Bedfordshire
  • 1901 - 1902 Lived at Smalley Derbyshire
  • 1902 - 1905 Lived at West Hallam, Derbyshire
  • 1906 - 1908 Lived at Devon Terrace, Belper
  • 1908 Charles Kerry died and is buried at Smalley, Derbyshire
  • 1909 No longer listed in Crockfords
  • Article 22nd June 1956

Burial - Jane Clarke 18th March 1870

Transcribed from the Kerry Manuscript ~ Volume 4, Pages 76

March 18th 1870. Friday. (In ? Edwards) Jane CLARKE aged 71. Was interred (by me*) in Puttenham Churchyard. She died on the 13th, suddenly from Disease of the heart. Her first husband was Morris MARTIN who was buried at Puttenham July 21, 1830, at the age of 32. Her second husband was John CLARKE Of Rodsall.

Note: By some means or other the record of John CLARKE’s internment. Has been entered in the church registers as that as William CLARKE. I* pointed out this error to the Rector who promised to correct the entry.

Signed by Chas KERRY, Curate of Puttenham, April 3rd, 1870.

The error was, this day corrected by the Rector in my* presence.

- April 3rd 1870 CK

(* Charles Kerry)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Getting Started........

Puttenham Church - Copyright Julie Goucher July 2004
As a result of extensive research in the rural Surrey parish of Puttenham, the One Place Study was born.

Almost a decade ago; (where did the time go?) I placed some of the information on line. Over the course of that decade I have received a steady trickle of emails and letters from people whose ancestry lies within the parish. For a small parish and enormous amount of people have a connection to Puttenham!

To be honest, I simply became overwhelmed at the amount of correspondence I was receiving, each one requiring a more comprehensive response that had been anticipated.

In 2003 I had acquired the domain name of which currently points to space on my website, and to about 1/8th of the material. I have exhausted the space available with such a small proportion of the data that I have currently, and of course the study is a continual work in progress.

Something had to be done.

About a year ago, I created this blog with the intention of using that platform to host the Puttenham material. I published a few bits - namely an introduction to the project and a list of material contained within the study currently. I did not advertise the site, but merely wanted some time to reflect and prepare my posts. Was I even happy with the set up?

I am very process driven and wanted to put the material on the blog in order. Now that is simply not an option, especially as the blog always records the latest post as the first item you see. Research of course is not always done in a logical order, because the researcher follows the path of information.

Over the course of 2013, I am going to be placing the information I have on line, at the blog and then move the domain pointers to that address. The material will be placed in the order I get to it. Not scientific, but I am OK with that! I shall use the labels function as a way of identifying an individual, document, picture etc

The Puttenham (and Wanborough) One Place Study commenced in August 1986 and is a work in progress as well as an obsession!