Sunday, 3 March 2013


Kerry Manuscripts Volume 4 page 3

  • John FOREY* of Thursley = Sarah MARDEN of Thursley, of the same stock as the Marden’s of Pond House
    • Dianna FORY of Thursley = William MITCHELL of Godalming - Died in America
      • George MITCHELL = Charlotte RADFORD, Of Puttenham Born blind 1800 Schoolmistress of Puttenham 1870

*This John Forey of Thursley was a great cricketer, as well as a blacksmith. Lord King was his Patron and frequently took him to the most celebrated matches in his time in England. In those days only two stumps were used and Joshua Forey is said to have been the cleverest back stump or slumper of his day. A Cousin of the same name worked with him in the smith’s shop at Thursley. This man was a very noted runner. A second ---- who could perform ten miles in their hour very easily. So anxious was he to excel in this athletic exercise that in order to keep himself in proper condition he is reported to have taken vinegar every morning as an antidote to {corpuleney.} He was also very musical and one day set off to Portsmouth with his violin and was never see nor heard of again . S Winter says he pot so nice they could not see time. A John Forey and Thomas Forey were living in Thursley in 1729”

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