Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Burial - Jane Clarke 18th March 1870

Transcribed from the Kerry Manuscript ~ Volume 4, Pages 76

March 18th 1870. Friday. (In ? Edwards) Jane CLARKE aged 71. Was interred (by me*) in Puttenham Churchyard. She died on the 13th, suddenly from Disease of the heart. Her first husband was Morris MARTIN who was buried at Puttenham July 21, 1830, at the age of 32. Her second husband was John CLARKE Of Rodsall.

Note: By some means or other the record of John CLARKE’s internment. Has been entered in the church registers as that as William CLARKE. I* pointed out this error to the Rector who promised to correct the entry.

Signed by Chas KERRY, Curate of Puttenham, April 3rd, 1870.

The error was, this day corrected by the Rector in my* presence.

- April 3rd 1870 CK

(* Charles Kerry)

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